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The Universe's Stick: A Misunderstanding of Cosmic Proportions

There I was, convinced that the universe had it in for me, armed with a cosmic stick, ready to thwack me at the slightest misstep. You know, just for funsies. Because, clearly, I must have been its favorite piñata, right? It took a journey of epic proportions, peppered with facepalms, laughter, and a dash of wisdom from my spiritual squad—Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, and the gang—to realize the truth. The universe wasn't beating me with a stick; I was doing a splendid job of that all by myself.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? Picture a younger me, thinking I could outrun my shadow like a cartoon character, blaming the universe for every stumble and stubbed toe. "Ah, the universe strikes again!" I'd exclaim, shaking my fist at the sky after tripping over my own feet. Little did I know, the universe was probably up there, munching on cosmic popcorn, thoroughly entertained by my theatrics.

Byron Katie

Enter stage left: Byron Katie, with her enlightening concept of "The Work." She taught me to question my thoughts, especially the blockbuster hit, "The Universe is Out to Get Me." Spoiler alert: It wasn't. Each question—Is it true? Can I absolutely know it's true?—was like a gentle nudge to drop the stick I was so fervently using on myself. And let me tell you, that stick was getting some serious mileage.

Eckhart Tolle

Then there was Eckhart Tolle, reminding me to live in the now, which, admittedly, was a bit of a challenge when I was convinced the now included a universe keen on cosmic whack-a-mole. But, as I embraced the present moment, I found it surprisingly stick-free. Who knew?

Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn chimed in with his wisdom about being the average of the five people—or in my case, concepts—I spent the most time with. So, I decided to hang out with Self-Compassion, Humor, Perspective, Resilience, and, of course, Love. Suddenly, the universe's stick seemed more like a magic wand, waving opportunities and lessons my way.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill, with his talk of changing the world by changing my thoughts, helped me see that the only stick in the equation was the one I fashioned out of doubts, fears, and outdated beliefs. It was high time I traded it in for something a bit more constructive, like a pen to rewrite my narrative.

The journey from self-inflicted stick beatings to cosmic comedy wasn't without its bumps (and more than a few ironic thwacks for good measure), but it taught me an invaluable lesson: the universe wasn't the villain in my story, nor was it the hero. It was simply the stage upon which I learned to dance, sometimes with two left feet, but always moving towards a rhythm of growth, laughter, and a lighter heart.

So, to those who feel like the universe has it out for them, remember: it's not the cosmic stick you need to worry about; it's the one in your own hand. And if you're going to wield anything, let it be kindness, laughter, and perhaps a deliciously ironic sense of humor that sees the cosmic comedy in our human follies.

In the end, the universe and I reached a truce, sealed with a wink and a nod. It never was beating me with a stick; I just had to stop doing the universe's job and start enjoying the show—popcorn in hand, of course.

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