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Take Time to Check in with Self
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Check in with Yourself: Introspection

The answers to life’s most important questions can be found inside of you. I have found it essential to take time for yourself and to check in on what is important to you. To know your values and boundaries.

To me, speaking your truth through your words and actions equals strength. Allowing yourself and others to truly be who they are without judgement is liberating. The knowing we can only control our own actions and not the actions of others is a reminder we all need to hear from time to time.

With that said, I have a confession...when someone turns me down by saying, "no" or not cooperating with a plan I would like to do. I can feel so child-like inside, I’m having a mini tantrum because I didn’t get my way. I instantly change; my voice, my demeanor, my whole attitude becomes short and harsh. All because somebody doesn’t want to do something that I want them to do. Writing that statement sure puts it into perspective for me. I feel a bit of shame for admitting it however it frees me to release it. When I’m in that moment, I instantly feel like I need to protect me. My reaction is to go into defense mode. Act as if I’m big, bad and tough when in all actuality inside I’m feeling the exact opposite. As I have become more and more aware of this I have embraced this time of learning my self awareness. In life, we have many forms of relationships; personal, work, acquaintances and family. Who we are transcends into all aspects of our life. It's important to hold yourself accountable for your actions and to stop blaming or pointing fingers at others when things go pear shape. In doing so, you’ll find you’ll strengthen who you are by learning what makes you tic and how certain triggers effect you and your reactions to them. With introspection you become self aware which provides action to pause. A check-in with self, as you will. With continual practice you will discover that you’ll stop reacting and start listening. When you notice an event or situation is effecting you. Take notice and look within. What is making you feel the way you do? Sit with it and let it flow through you. This is a process...allow yourself the time and space. We want things to be instantly fixed or a clear and concise answer. This rarely happens and it’s the journey that we need to embrace. Self awareness is empowering you. You are able to come up with solutions that work for you and this will propel you to where you want to go in all aspects of your relationships in life.

I am grateful to have a partner in my life where I am able to express my words to him in the good, bad and ugly of times. We both allow a space for each other to say what we need to say and later we discuss how it makes us feel. It is this second step that I have found to be crucial to the development of the relationship we have built together. To listen to my partners words for the sake of them being from his truth, feeling and thoughts. It is then up to me, how I choose to digest them. Which goes both ways. It is always a two way street of listening without judgement. This has given us an opportunity to grow a firm foundation together where we continue to build upon as our relationship evolves. It may come across as basic to most but it’s something I have had to learn. To expose my raw self, my vulnerabilities is beyond scary but has been a very rewarding experience for me. Step off the beaten path to discover your next adventure. This is Lifein180.


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