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Steam Roller in Life: Trust Yourself

Why do we so often have to hit rock bottom to make a significant change in our life? The steam roller of life can roll us flat. We often have many little nudges or signs along the way. For the most part we choose to ignore these little life nudges until we can no longer. A change must ensue in order for us to continue moving forward in a positive healthy way.

We are creatures of habit and comfort. This is one condition that holds us to where we are and fixes us to our familiar story. This story we tell ourselves over and over. We can predict the outcome and have an idea of what to expect. To break free from this old story is scary but is what I find oh so exciting. It’s a very fine line but to me it’s living your true authentic life. Your opportunity of growth is awaiting you. Step off your current path and explore your options. Take baby steps or a giant leap forward. We are all different and go about it in our own way. I tend to throw myself into the deep-in, so to speak. It's what works for me. Otherwise I will continue in my stagnation. We can neither dictate nor control the outcome however knowing you empowered yourself to make a positive change will fuel your drive to continue moving forward in your process.

Being proactive in your life is a conscious choice. Taking action to initiate your free will in the way you seem fit is embracing who you are at your core. To live life from the heart and to speak your truth without worry. Stop letting fear drive your decisions. Defy your logic by setting goals and boundaries for the decisions you want to accomplish. There’s apart of you that knows the answers and your core values will guide you.

Which path will you take? Whichever path you choose is the right one for you. Be mindful of the lessons, along the way. Check in with yourself to make sure you’re following your inner voice/intuition. Obstacles and hurdles are part of the process. These are built-in mechanism for us to remember to pause and learn.

Life has a greater plan and we must learn to trust in God/Universe.

Some questions to ask yourself:

1. What is important to you?

2. What do you enjoy?

3. What frustrates you? Now seek the opposite of your answer

Knowing the answers to these questions will help guide you in listening to your inner voice/intuition. The more you know yourself the stronger you will become in making your decisions. This is life in 180.


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