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Speaking From the Heart


Speaking from the heart is about saying what I feel. Believing what I say and saying what I mean. It’s addicting. My challenge is to discover just how naked and vulnerable I am willing to be when I “share my truth” with others, AKA: Speak from the heart.

At least two benefits come to mind when I do this. The first is that it’s therapeutic and like opening a window, it clears space within me. The second benefit is that I believe others might relate to some of my experience. There is nothing new under the sun but there are always new vehicles (people, books, movies, literary and artistic mediums) that have a message for our lives. We may have heard it before, but each time we hear it a bit differently because we are at a different time and space in our life experience. I’m simply offering my experience through my voice. It’s worth it if I can help or support just one person the way I have been supported so many times in my past.

For me, speaking from the heart is simply telling the truth. My truth. It is not rude, cocky, superior or inferior. It’s not about being heard, acknowledged or accepted. It’s simply about communicating my true thoughts and feelings about the subject at hand. If I’m trying to defend myself, it doesn’t work. If I’m looking for agreement, it doesn’t work. It’s not about being acknowledged or accepted, although I find that does often happen when I’m being honest.

Lastly, I find this works especially well when that “thing” keeps coming up in my life that I know I'm not dealing with. That is what this is all about. No more circles. It’s a 180 and the opposite of what the norm is. It could be work, relationships, that thing you need to do or that thing you need to stop doing.

Next time that “thing” comes up in your awareness, ask yourself what you really feel about it and let yourself respond. Get clear with yourself first. You already know what the answer is in most cases, but you have just been afraid or have put it off. Speak “from your heart”. Let it go and let it flow. It could be something small or something big. If you truly feel it, whatever changes as a result is for your best. This is doing something different than normal and like I said, it might feel uncomfortable, but what you will get and learn in return is priceless.

This is what Lifein180 is all about. You got this.



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