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I find enormous freedom in acknowledging my sh*t from the past and embracing all of who I am. The acknowledging changes nothing about the past but it changes everything about how we can embrace the present. What does this mean? By acknowledging, I allow anything that happened the moment before now to be out in the open. I don't hide it. I don't ignore it. I don't judge it. Once acknowledged, I simply observe it.

Do I really need to shout it from a mountaintop? Not necessarily. The key is to not avoid it. I avoid my past by creating a bridge or story to "get over it". The bigger the past experience, the bigger the bridge needed to bypass it. Going around and avoiding ignores the reality of the experience and disconnects me from an import part of who I am. I miss the opportunity to learn through the people, places and experiences that make me who I am today. I speak, respond, react, give, take, receive etc. in direct proportion to how I view my past. So, if there is anything I am not comfortable with, anything I have “bridged over”, it will continue to play over and over, again and again in my life. The only way to change this it to stop avoiding it.

There have been times in my life when I needed a bridge to “get over” a situation that was too difficult to face. Times when my psyche protected me from trauma I was unable to comprehend or deal with on my own. There is a time for flight and a time for security when we need to protect ourselves. The key to moving from bridging to embracing is when we understand this: Life will always bring us back to that are ignoring until there is no longer a need to avoid.

This is not a cruel punishment set to beat us down with reminders of past pain. It is a blessing because Life is offering to bring us back to our original true self. This exercise does nothing to change the past but it changes everything about how we look at and embrace our present. When we can embrace and accept who we are in the moment we are free to be our best. Without any hindrances or obstacle in our way, we are empowered toward a future of our own choosing. Nothing is wasted. No experience is without something positive. It all creates space for something new to happen. This is Lifein180.

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