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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Not sure if I’m alone in this but I have a difficult time with repetitive tasks. I am able to perform them but I notice my attitude towards this type of activity begins to go negative after some time. I get fidgety and start seeking ways to “shake it up”. For instance, I go to work at the same time every day and I start to feel robotic. For obvious reasons I can’t just stop going to work yet at the same time, I must take action and change something in my routine that gives me a sense of empowerment in a positive way. I enjoy taking walks in nature so I decide to incorporate a morning hike in my routine before I go to work. Initiating this change in my routine made a difference in my perspective and attitude for the better. Nature for me is where I reset. We all have that place or thing that brings joy. Listen to yourself and If you are feeling like the same situations keep cycling around maybe it’s time for you to shake it up. This is what Life In180 is all about. Little adjustments that we can do in our everyday life which will enable us to seek positive changes.


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