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Setting the Wheels in Motion for a Positive Mindset

May I suggest if you're looking for something to help move you forward in a positive direction. I have put together these 4 simple steps that work for me. If I may be totally honest, I tend to stray away from this when things are flowing smoothly and everything is going well for me. However, I gravitate back to this routine when I begin to notice my thoughts are steering me more negatively and I’m finding things are more of a battle.

Every Day (highly suggested but let’s get real do it when you need to):

· Wake up and smile; even if you don’t feel like it…do it anyways. Trust me there’s something about it but it works. Research has proven it to lift your mood, lower stress levels and boost your immune system. Plus its really difficult to think negative thoughts when you have a grin on your face.

· Cross something off of your to do list or action something you have been meaning to do. Empower yourself by doing it.

· Smile at a stranger pass on this madness of positive thinking to others. You’ll see its contagious. This is something worth catching.

· Rest your beautiful head on the pillow knowing you did your best today.

Then repeat….

Live each day as if its your last; be grateful for your time that you have to share with yourself and others. Always remember, thoughts have power. Plant positive seeds of thoughts in your head and you’ll get positive results. This is lifein180.


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