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Are you ever triggered by something that someone says to you. You start to feel this ball of energy swirl around in you and the words you want to speak are in defense. A piece of advice, remove yourself and just listen to their words. Sometimes easier said than done but with practice it becomes easier. We are always interjecting our own story into others, knowingly or not. It’s important to listen without judgement. Speak words from the heart a place of empathy and understanding. I can’t stress enough the importance on speaking your truth but from the heart. What I mean by this is to first fully listen to the other’s words before you speak in defense. Get clarity if needed to better understand. Then remove yourself, your own life story. Hear, feel the words of others for truly what they are...their words. Then speak with your heart with sincerity, in a way you would want to be spoken to in that time. We should always be free to be who we want to be. I am grateful to have a partner that encourages me to use my voice, hears me clearly and when in doubt asks for clarification. I do the same for him. This type of communication has been very rewarding for us and provides a positive influence in our relationship. It draws us closer to each other every time we encounter a time we are triggered and we take the time to discuss. We learn and grow together. This is Life in 180.


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