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Life Lessons as Told in a Rhyme

There will come a day in your magical life, when the clouds will roll in, turning all into strife. When this happens to you and it most certainly will, you may reach for a bottle perhaps for a pill. But the pain you inflict by fighting what is, will be futile you’ll see, because that’s how it is.

These clouds are not meant to burden your back or ruin your dreams or throw you off track. No, these clouds you will see have come as they do, to people on journeys in search for what’s true.

So, when the sun in the sky gets a little bit dim, when the clouds team with rain so much you could swim. Try embracing this change without judgement or fear and stop worrying so much about your head being clear.

Say yes and not no to what’s staring you in the eye. Lift your head and your hands and your heart to the sky. With a breath say thank you for thinking of me, for these are Life’s lessons often coming in threes.

Yes, life is always for you and never against. So next time you find yourself on top of the fence. Remember that you are in fact loved without measure and remember the hard times that ended in pleasure.

This is life in 180. #lifein180

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