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Don't Let Anyone Rain on Your Parade

We have all had people in our lives that feel it is their duty to express their opinions about things that are none of their business. The worst offenders are the ones who "know us" and are emboldened with their "right" to express what they think is wrong about us, why something won't work or how things can't change for the better. Do you know what they say about people like this that have opinions? They say "opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one".

Sorry for the crude vocabulary but to be honest, I think the words are well placed. People that do not have your back should never be allowed into your life. Life is hard enough. We are always learning and presented with opportunities to be our best each day. Why allow someone to rain on your parade and sap your energy? The only reason we would allow this is because we believe that's all we are worth. That is simply not true. Stand up for yourself by first embracing and accepting who you are, with all of our imperfections. This is a beautifully empowering place to be.

The friends and confidants I choose to associate with today may tell me about the potential for rain on my parade, but they do not intentionally bring it. These people challenge me to be better because they are already challenging themselves to be better. They can call me out when I need it and in turn are willing to be called out themselves. They are there with help when I ask for it but don't stew in an imaginary story when I don't include them. They are a fresh set of ears and a different and valuable point of view.

This is life in 180.

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