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Open Up To Vulnerability

A shout out to all the wonderful people out there that are striving to make this place better for all. To open up our hearts to share our stories. To listen to the words of people that are speaking from their heart. Acknowledging the positive actions of all that are around us. To say, thank you, I hear you. To ask for clarification if you don’t understand, can go a long ways. A simple smile can brighten not only your day but someone else’s day. We all have a story. Let’s start sharing. Its in our nature to connect. Let’s pull upon our strengths and begin sharing our heart’s true stories.

One of mine that I hold close to my heart is self image. From a teenager I have battled with acne and have many scars on my face to show for it. I have learned to embrace my scars. They have literally helped sculpt me into who I am. However I long for clear smooth skin. *Big sigh* This may seem trivial to most but to me it can effect my self esteem especially if I am feeling a little low. I recently had an opportunity to express this with the most beautiful man in my life, over the week end. We were out celebrating our 1 1/2 year anniversary together and I was just feeling off. I’m feeling a bit bloated, words weren’t flowing out of my mouth in conversation. The sun was glaring on my face and all I could think about was how ugly I must look. The scars must be the only thing my man can see. We were nearly 1/2 way through our meal and I decided to share this insecurity of mine with him and the response he gave surprised me. He said, your scars are beautiful babe, you’re beautiful. He continued with many more beautiful gift of words. I immediately felt a shift in me. The atmosphere around both of us changed. In that raw vulnerable moment it gave us an opportunity to grow. These actions of being vulnerable, speaking from my heart. Sharing my story and having someone listen to my words. Is a feeling that I have on a continual basis with the man I love with all my heart. Since meeting him, I have learned that I can have this in all aspects of my life. I know we can all do this for each other. To break apart our shell and share our light/story is what we do. Let’s begin sharing....This is Lifein180.

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